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jade by jem products

cultivate your essence

must-have products & experiences for the new beauty paradigm

the collection

scent-free sensitive skin solutions

stop desiring your best skin & instead embody it with jade by jem

the jade by jem collection is a skin-barrier, senstive skin focused skincare line.

the new beauty paradigm

beauty is a feeling. what we do every day counts more than what we do every once in a while.

what are you doing daily to cultivate your beauty essence?

the new beauty paradigm honours the wisdom of your skintelligence; the ability for your skin to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate itself; once healthy. the new beauty paradigm empowers women through beauty rituals to cultivate their essence and own their sovereign self.




barrier supportive


we do not simply focus on treating the symptoms of the skin, we focus on the client as a whole.

we acknowledge that the deeper mind-body connection is expressed through our skin.

let us take you on a journey to achieve your divine beauty transformation.

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