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we are jem

curators of divine beauty transformations

we are skincare & spa specialists focused on the healing side of beauty. experience jem spa, shop the jade by jem collection or learn from our academy.

as the authority of authentic beauty, we inspire you to regain the beauty of your own authority.

our why

so, here it is. my how and my why. the reason that i know the things that i know. i had to learn to save myself. no doctor, no specialist, no guru or guide could rescue me.

i learned a lot about what skincare wasn’t. my answers came when I stopped treating topically and went inside of myself to unravel the ball of yarn that was my life.


for 20 years, i learned how to operate in fight or flight. i wasn’t who i am, but i didn’t know that. i didn’t know joy. my assignment was to find the fire and put it out.


it wasn’t straightforward. imagine nannies yarn bag after a few two-year-olds had a hay day in it —various coloured and textured string cohabitating with knots, entanglement, and not knowing where to start. i went down many deep rabbit holes as i came home to myself, my home frequency, my innate gifts and realized how far away i was from who i innately am.


our process is designed with this mission in mind. the alignment of beauty had to be soul-deep, managing stress and inflammation, harmonizing the nervous, endocrine and immune systems through diet, meditation, and deep soul care.

we’re here to serve in joy and peace.

- emilee fernandes, founder

emilee's before and after
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