Essential Winter Products for Skincare Nutrition & Hydration

With the cold and wind of winter, our skin has been taking a lot of punishment lately. If you’re in need of some extra tender loving care in the form of skin nutrition and hydration, check out Beaute Divine Cleanser and Antidote 03 from Corpa Flora.

Corpa Flora

“It is very important for me to formulate a TRUE nutritive and multitasking skincare line, for busy people who do not like long beauty regimens, and help them adjust to a SIMPLE and PLEASURABLE daily routine, without the unnecessary multilayering techniques.” – Celine Champigny, Corpa Flora President

Corpa Flora’s vision aligns with Jem’s commitment to greater inclusion, environmental protection and sustainability, creating beauty from the inside, and respect for diversity in several important ways. For example, Corpa Flora is dedicated to creating “gentler and greener alternatives to conventional skincare.” Further, each product contains clean and safe ingredients, without unhealthy or toxic substances.

Even more specifically, many ingredients are “extracted with green technologies from natural and organic certified plants that are ethically harvested to preserve their sustainability and delicate beauty.” Corpa Flora’s commitment to using quality ingredients while still protecting the environment is something that Jem’s customers will benefit from.

In addition, when you use Corpa Flora products, you have choice and flexibility. You can “adjust your own formula by determining the dosages according to your skin type, skin condition, seasonal changes, hormonal changes, medical treatments affecting your skin’s health equilibrium, or simply during life’s stressful events.” This freedom allows users to retain ownership of their experience and ensures a higher level of inclusion and respect for diversity.

No matter what your skincare needs, Corpa Flora has a product uniquely suited for you, focusing on both hydration and skin nutrition. Two of Corpa Flora’s most popular products that Jem sells in large quantities are Beaute Divine Cleanser and Antidote 03. Keep reading to discover why they are in such high demand.

Corpa Flora Beaute Divine Cleanser ($41.99)

Containing ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, rosehip fruit extract, lemon myrtle oil, and rosemary leaf extract, Beaute Divine Cleanser is appropriate for all skin types. Using dry hands, gently massage two to three pumps onto dry skin. When you add warm water, the oil will blend into a milky lotion and easily wash away makeup, dirt, excess oil, sunscreen, and even waterproof mascara. After you have rinsed thoroughly, your skin will be ready to enhance the effects of one of Corpa Flora’s facial oil complexes without impacting your own natural hydrating process.

Corpa Flora Antidote 03 – Redness Relief ($72.99)

If you experience any of the clinical symptoms of hypersensitive skin, such as redness, dry tightness, burning, rosacea, or broken capillaries, this anti-aging and hydrating complex might be perfect for you.

contains ingredients such as sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, avocado, and jojoba seed oil, as well as other active ingredients specifically chosen for their soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.

Since only one pump is needed at a time, this product should last a while. Massage Antidote 03 into damp skin twice a day and experience how it is quickly absorbed, creating a soft finish and the scent of fresh chamomile and neroli. It is also a great primer base for makeup.

Using Corpa Flora’s Beaute Divine Cleanser and Antidote 03 Redness Relief are perfect ways to provide your skin with loving nutrition and hydration. Based on the feedback of many happy customers, you won’t be disappointed.

On Friday, we will be focusing on one of Jem’s most in-demand services, the incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating Ultimate Restorative Bodywork. We’ll explain more about this service and its many potential benefits so you’ll understand why you should book a session as soon as possible!

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