Flash Sale Friday: Luna Nectar Hypernova Rinse-Free Hand Cleansing Lotion

If constant hand-washing and sanitizing has your hands feeling dry, sensitive, and in need of a little extra care, check out Jem’s Flash Sale Friday. For TODAY ONLY, you can purchase Luna Nectar Hypernova Hand-Cleansing Lotion online for 15% off!

Today’s sale features the incredibly useful Luna Nectar Hypernova. Why did we choose this product for our focus?

The first reason is the obvious need for a safe, moisturizing hand sanitizer that we can carry with us and use throughout our day. Though washing our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is recommended to reduce the spread of microorganisms that can make us sick, we do not always have access to soap and water when we are out and about. Second, overuse of traditional hand sanitizers can remove our skin’s natural oils, potentially causing dry, itchy, red, flaky, cracking skin. Nobody wants that!

Featuring a classy, rustic, citrus-infused scent, Hypernova is a light, silky cleansing lotion formulated with 62% alcohol, featuring purifying and aromatherapeutic properties, such as camellia, grapeseed, and aloe. While acting as a cleanser, it is also deeply hydrating and won’t dry out your hands. With Hypernova, you don’t need water to effectively cleanse and moisturize on-the-go.

Further, since this product is created by Luna Nectar, you can be confident you are using a product that is natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, from a company that believes in and supports community, minimalism, function, and authenticity.

Luna Nectar’s Ideology clearly states that they believe in “the less is more routine. Routines with fifteen steps are economically and efficiency-wise, difficult to maintain. In fact, many products can be used for different purposes and we believe in a well-edited line to suit your unique needs. In addition, less products means cutting down waste for our planet!”

Since Jem is completely aligned with Luna Nectar’s philosophy, we are pleased to offer Hypernova Rinse-Free Hand Cleansing Lotion for 15% off – TODAY ONLY. Click here if you would like to take advantage of this awesome sale, and pick up a few bottles for yourself and someone you love today.

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