Jem’s New Service: Online BodyTalk Sessions

What are you willing to do to create a healthier body, mind, and spirit?

With the recent lockdown announcement, it might seem difficult to see the beauty of the spring season. We will soon experience more moderate temperatures, which means no more multiple layers of clothing each time we step outside. There will be more sunshine, which can boost our mood. We might even have more time to spend walking outside, and if we listen carefully, we will hear the songs of birds and see gorgeous new flowers peeking through the soil. All of these facets of spring can hopefully help us relax during this stressful time.

With potentially more time on our hands, there are a lot of things that can be cleaned, including our homes and cars. But have you ever thought about cleaning up your body-mind, specifically your belief systems, painful memories, and unprocessed emotions? If you’re ready to begin cleaning the parts of you that are invisible, but greatly impact the health and quality of your life, consider an online BodyTalk session with Cheryl, one of Jem’s new services.

What is BodyTalk?

“Our bodies are absolutely amazing. To think about all of our cells, organs and systems constantly working and communicating to keep us alive and healthy is extraordinary. This complex process is a feat in and of itself, but add in the abuse we bestow on our systems...The mental, physical & emotional stress and exhaustion, life in constant high speed, poor nutrition and lack of exercise and sleep are several additional challenges we give our bodies to manage. I did. I think our bodies really try hard to talk to us but many times we just don't listen. I didn’t.” – Tamara T., Windsor, ON

BodyTalk is a simple, safe, non-invasive approach to healing with the potential to create balance and harmony within and between your body and mind, provide clarity into the root causes of imbalances, address unprocessed emotions and harmful belief systems, and help you identify patterns you might be ready to address and release.

The potential benefits of a BodyTalk session vary from person to person and may include newfound clarity, relaxation, better sleep, subtle or larger changes in the overall functioning of your body-mind, improved mood and energy levels, and pain reduction. BodyTalk is a way to further expand your consciousness and create greater balance, connection, and improved communication within and between your body-mind.

If you want to learn more, you can check out this video link from the founder of BodyTalk, Dr. John Veltheim.

“Thankfully, I scheduled a Body Talk session with Cheryl. The treatment was non-invasive, it was actually relaxing and calming. I just had to lay quietly while Cheryl talked with my body, asking questions and communicating…. The session was enlightening. To actually stop and listen, to become aware and in sync with my body was energizing, and this was only after one session. How much more did my body have to tell me?! Why hadn’t I been listening?!” – Tamara T.

Online Sessions

“BodyTalk with Cheryl was truly a transformative experience. Cheryl walked me through the process, as I had never done a session before, in a way that made me feel comfortable and safe. I received significant relaxation and healing from my sessions. I cannot recommend her enough!” – Kat K., Virginia, U.S.

An online BodyTalk session is just as effective and relaxing as an in-person session, but you can wear your most comfortable clothes without the need to leave your home or wear a mask!

If you are interested in setting up an online BodyTalk session, please email with your name and preferred contact method. I will respond within 48 hours to set up a day and time that’s convenient for you, as well as send you intake and consent forms. You can print, fill out, and email me a picture of the completed forms. After receiving payment, I will send you a zoom link for your session.

Sessions last approximately one hour and are normally $80/session. However, for the month of April only, I am offering first-time clients an introductory session for 50% OFF. That’s only $40 for your first session! After your initial session, you can purchase a package of 3 sessions for $200 to continue with great savings if you wish.

A Few Final Thoughts

“I am beyond grateful for being educated and exposed to this holistic style of healing. Acknowledging the actual issue(s) and not just the symptoms make so much more sense. Along with healing the entire body, not just one system at the expense of another, makes even greater sense…. I, and my body, will definitely benefit from additional sessions with Cheryl. Thanks to Cheryl and Body Talk I have a new relationship with my body. I stop, listen more and try to be kinder to it.” – Tamara T.

Your body is talking to you, but do you know what it's saying? If you are experiencing issues in your life you can't quite understand, identify, or even put into words, BodyTalk is for you! The potential shifts can be life-changing.

If you want to experience BodyTalk first-hand, please email today! Your body will be so grateful that you have decided to listen to its needs and deep wisdom.

Additional information about BodyTalk and Cheryl Rettig, Jem’s BodyTalk Practitioner, can be found on her website.

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