Jump Into Pedicure Season With 6 New Shades From SPARITUAL!

Soul Awakening. Blossoming Beauty. Inner Child. Morning Dew. Under the Willow. Rested + Renewed.

These names conjure up beautiful scenes and states of being. They are also the names of the six new nourishing vegan nail colours from SPARITUAL. Including various shades of pink and green just in time for Spring, these gorgeous colours can be purchased online or in store to help create relaxing manicures and pedicures for yourself at home. They can also be used in the spa during your appointment to finish off a nourishing and rejuvenating experience with one of our highly skilled nail technicians.

Product Features

Each nourishing vegan nail colour from SPARITUAL is great for the minimalist due to its 1-step formula. Adhesion promoters and shine additives eliminate any need for a basecoat and topcoat. You can simply apply two coats of nourishing vegan colour to bare, clean nails for great effect. Additional products are not necessary.

Red tea and seaweed extracts moisturize and revitalize, while argan oil nourishes and strengthens nails. Further, SPARITUAL nail colour is formulated without 13 harmful ingredients often found in beauty products. They are also cruelty-free without any animal-derived ingredients. In other words, you can feel confident that you are caring for animals and the environment at the same time you're caring for yourself.

Uses for the New Colors

You can use these great new colours at home while giving yourself or a loved one a relaxing manicure or pedicure. And if you're looking to create a complete at-home nail experience, consider picking up SPARITUAL hand salve to keep your skin smooth and hydrated to complement your gorgeous nails. You could also include cuti-clean vegan cuticle and stain remover or cuti-cocktail vegan nail and cuticle oil to complete the process.

If you prefer to leave your manicures and pedicures in the hands of professionals, schedule an appointment today to experience deeply blissful relaxation and beautiful nails at the hands of one of Jem's skilled nail technicians. You can request they use one of the six new shades from SPARITUAL to complete your Spring look.

Jem Pedicures

A pedicure at Jem is an incredible experience. Each pedicure includes herbal bath bomb soak, nail work, cuticle work, and light callus work. A custom salt scrub and manual massage is also included. A kansa wand massage is then applied after hot towels to activate marma points, energy flow, and increase grounding while decreasing inflammation in the body. You can finish with your favourite polish or no polish at all.

Contact Jem today to schedule a pedicure with one of our incredibly skilled nail technicians or book online. Join the group of almost 100 people who have already experienced a delightfully relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure in the past two weeks.

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