Show Yourself Some Love: Halcyon and True Balm

“True balm and halcyon are my number one’s. I can not start or finish my day without them. Separately they are amazing, but together they’re magic.” - Nicole Dagenais, Jem Beauty Therapist

Taking time to do something kind for yourself each day is a great way to remind yourself how much you matter. Nourishing your skin, the beautiful outside barrier that houses an even more beautiful inner you, should be part of a wonderful daily ritual that will show your skin how much you care.

How do you show love to your skin? How do you express gratitude to something that does so much for you? Your skin protects you every day, so how do you protect your skin? If you’re struggling to come up with answers to these questions, we can help. Halcyon and True Balm are two incredible products that you can purchase online today to help you nourish and protect your skin.

“Halcyon keeps me hydrated. My redness has gone down immensely since I’ve started using it as well as keeping my skin fresh and clear. It’s the last thing I use in the morning and last thing I use at night.” – Nicole Dagenais

Halcyon ($55)

One of Jem’s most popular and most-requested products, Halcyon is a must-have component at the end of any skin care ritual. You only need one pump applied to freshly cleansed skin, and you can experience many benefits:

· Hydrates and soothes the skin

· Light weight with a long-lasting feel

· Re-mineralizes the skin barrier

· Helps to reduce inflammation

· Assists in refining tone and texture

· Less breakouts

Perfect for all genders, ages, skin types, and skin conditions, Halcyon is fragrance free and effective. Halcyon also addresses concerns such as collagen preservation and pigmentation. It’s clear why so many people continue to request Halcyon when they purchase products online, or when they come into one of our locations.

“True balm I use on my lips every night and if I do have any spots or wounds of any kind, I use it on them.” – Nicole Dagenais

True Organic of Sweden – All You Need is Me ($19)

This intensive, multi-purpose cream, also known as True Balm, is great for cracked and dry cuticles, heels, elbows, and lips. It can also be used as a scalp and hair mask, or even as a lip gloss. True balm can be used on mosquito and insect bites, poison ivy, eczema, mild sunburn, or red baby bottoms. Any dry patch of skin can benefit from its nourishing properties.

With 100% natural ingredients and 95% ingredients from organic origin, True Balm is effective and fast acting because of the concentrated natural organic formulation. Further, this incredible product contains no parabens, minerals, oils, sulfates, or dyes and is not tested on animals. You can rest easy knowing you’re loving your skin while also caring for the environment and our animal friends.

What are some of the amazing benefits of this extraordinary cream? Well, True Balm is known to do the following:

· Protects your skin against weather and wind

· Soothes red and irritated skin

· Relieves minor sunburn

· Whitens and reduces age spots

· Hydrates dry skin

It’s also great news that only a small amount is needed, so your dollar stretches even further. In addition, ingredients such as castor oil (prevents dry skin and can eliminate acne, blemishes, and rashes); beeswax (protects skin from damaging environmental factors); olive oil (contains oleic oil to soften the skin); shea butter (rich in vitamins A, D, E, and F); and Vitamin E (antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin and prevents free radical damage) all combine in powerful ways to provide you with an intensive, effective cream great for a variety of different purposes, at an affordable price.

“Anything I have that needs healing on myself, these are my go-to’s. They have yet to fail me.” – Nicole Dagenais

So, if your skin could use some extra love and attention, especially now with this freezing weather doing its best to wreak havoc on our skin, check out Halcyon and True Balm today. We’re confident you will love these new additions to your daily skin care rituals, and your skin will love them, too!

**Special thanks to Nicole Dagenais for her testimonials on Halcyon and True Balm. Nicole has worked at Jem for 3.5 years. As a Beauty Therapist, she has training and experience in aesthetics, massage therapy, facial reflexology, and makeup artistry. Anyone who receives a manicure or pedicure from Nicole can’t wait to come back and experience the magic again!

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