Spring: A Time for Celebration, Cleaning, and Contemplation

After a long winter, people often start to get quite excited at the thought of spring. No more winter coats, plus extra hours of sunshine, brightly coloured flowers, and a feeling of newness that is palpable.

Around the world, people celebrate the end of the winter months with a variety of different festivals and traditions. Some traditions are ancient, and others are quite new, but the common theme is a desire to celebrate the end of one season and welcome the beauty of new life.

In Japan, people welcome spring with parties under trees covered in cherry blossoms. This centuries' old tradition occurs from late March until early May each year. Bosnia boasts the "Festival of Scrambled Eggs" every March as the spring season begins. The focus is on the egg, the symbol of new life. Massive amounts of scrambled eggs are cooked in huge pots and handed out for free. This festival attracts large numbers of visitors from around the country.

Originally a Hindu tradition, Holi is a very popular and ancient celebration to welcome spring that also symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. It can also be referred to as the "festival of colours," or the "festival of love." In India, crowds of people gather in the streets to throw colourful powder on each other in celebration. This gives people the opportunity to connect with others and have fun.

These are just three examples of traditions around the world that are used to usher in the beauty of the spring season. What about you? What will you do to celebrate the end of the long winter months?

Spring Cleaning

In addition to celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of new life, spring is often a season of deep cleaning and contemplation. It's the perfect time to go through everything we own and let go of things we no longer need. Take some time to declutter and clean your home, garage, car, and even your calendar of commitments. Do we really need all the things we think we do?

At Jem, upcoming blog posts will include scores of great ideas to help you clean up your life. Some posts will have connections to products and services we offer, while other material will feature helpful information to help you live a cleaner, more organized, and simplified life.

Stay tuned for lots of great articles on the best ways to clean your skin, makeup brushes, brows and lashes, hair, nutrition, cupboards, fridge, living space, belief systems, habits, energy, and schedule.

Everyone at Jem is so excited for spring! We can't wait to see you in the spa for your next service or to pick up a product or two. The next time we see you, please let us know about how you intend to celebrate the gorgeous new spring season, and how we can help.

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