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key ingredients


ascorbic acid (vitamin c): antioxidant powerhouse that defends against free radicals. brightens skin and minimizes dark spots.


niacinamide: rich in vitamin b3. improves skin texture and tone by strengthening and repairing the skin barrier.


salicylic acid: blemish busting superstar. minimizes the appearance of pores and sebaceous filaments.


volcanic soil: rich in minerals. reduces excess oil and helps to clarify the skin.

enliven brightening whip

  • your skin at it's most youthful state.

    denotes feelings of vitality and clarity.


    improve skin texture and tone with this lightweight stabilized vitamin c.


    rich in antioxidants, a mixture of volcanic soil and niacinamide reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while salicylic acid minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces sebaceous filaments.


    enliven will have your skin feeling bouncy, dewy, supple, and hydrated.


    60 mL | 2 US oz

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