ORIGIN: Brazil


COLOR: Dark Purple with light purple + clear or white inclusions, most feature a Chevron.


SKINCARE: Great for addressing active breakouts. Amplifies the far infared rays (heat held in the skin from the sun) utilized to stimulate fibroblasts + lead to collagen production. Thus, it is excellent for healthy aging as well as healing scarring or stretchmarks.


ENERGY/CHAKRA: CROWN + THIRD EYE CHAKRAS. Dream awareness, protection, temper calming, courage boosting. The stone of peace, wisdom + protection.


WELL CARE: Help with insomnia, can calm an emotional upheaval.

Jade Roller Beauty Amethyst Jade Roller


    Gently roll your JADE ROLLER BEAUTY tool over freshly cleansed skin 2-4 times daily for 5-10 minutes. Can be used on clean skin or over serum. Using over a serum will help that serum penetrate more deeply into the skin due to the increased blood flow.

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