This set of two cups is made of silicone and provides a strong, effective medium for deep tissue massage. These cups are translucent so you can see the change of the skin from the outside of the cup to gauge tissue reaction. They are also pliable and watertight for easy use, and the silicone material is hygienic, and can withstand high temperatures up to 250 degree Celsius for effective cleaning.


1 x Elongated Facial Cup

  • Excellent for precise applications to small areas of the body, featuring a tall design with strong suction. Primarily used for use on the face and small or curved areas of the body.
  • 20mm inner diameter
  • 80mm height

1 x Mini Facial Cup

  • For use on small areas around the eyes, nose and other sharply curved body areas.
  • 7mm inner diameter
  • 50mm height

Silicone Facial Cups (Set of Two)