skin care beyond the bottle

welcome to the new beauty paradigm; where experiencing your best skin means unlocking wisdom and acquiring true beauty freedom beyond the bottle. 

the whole skin method is a multidimensional approach to supporting the wholeness of beauty; the wholeness of you! based in frequency medicine, our solution-centred program allows you to deeply examine your experiences, habits and root cause that have shaped your skin story. through the implementation of our method new rituals ignite lasting and joyful transformations while simultaneously ensuring embodiment of your ideal skin radiance.

cultivate your essence with us through the whole skin method.

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skin stories

every skin has a story, what's yours? we don't believe in the old paradigm of skin types. skin types put us in a box, drive consumerism and are not always relatable to our modern lifestyle. instead, we believe in acquired experiences, wisdom, and habits that have manifested from the inside out to speak your story into the world.   whether your story calls for more support, energy, longevity or resilience we have a remedy filled with rituals just for you! 


meditation + myndset

with our revolutionary beauty lifetracking courtesy of MyndMethod, beauty is now transformed through frequency meditation. shown to be as powerful as a topical, transform your skin from the inside out; peacefully. each lifetrack, has been customized with specific frequencies, crystals, colours, meridians, affirmations, and more.  experience your personalized mobile myndset mentor.  


dimensional beauty

developed by our academy, jem aesthetics academy, we utilize the diagnostic intuitive frequency aesthetics process to determine the contribution of mental, emotional, soulful and physical factors. we next  provide targeted solutions to harmonize and rebalance your beauty. this process intuitively accesses your own wisdom; allowing you to reclaim the authority of your beauty.