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key ingredients


copper: aids in collagen and elastin preservation. protects from pigmentation formation.


hyaluronic acid: replenishes the skin's moisture levels reducing appearance of fine lines.


micro silver: supports your natural skin flora. calms inflamed or irritated skin.

halcyon light moisturizer

  • your skin at it's most tranquil state.

    denotes feelings of bliss and joy.


    halcyon will heal, soothe and address aging concerns.


    micro silver and copper's restorative properties promote healthy microflora while hydrasynol doi stimulates the skin's own natural response to creating hyaluronic acid in turn boosting hydration.


    bliss out with this inflammation busting wonder moisturizer.


    120 ml | 4 US fl oz.


    please note that the halcyon dispensed through pumps currently features the older formula. we have observed some separation in this product due to a substitute emulsifier. while the texture may not be as aesthetically pleasing, we want to assure you that rigorous testing has confirmed its stability and bacterial integrity. the efficacy and benefits you love remain intact.


    halcyon in the jars boasts the new and improved formula, free from any separation issues.

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