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the whole skin method

intuitive skin coaching

emilee fernandes is a skin care coach. through an intuitive process she is able to help determine solutions to your skin problems

skin starts from within

welcome to the new beauty paradigm; where experiencing your best skin means unlocking wisdom and acquiring true beauty freedom beyond the bottle. 

the whole skin method is a multidimensional approach to supporting the wholeness of beauty; the wholeness of you! based in frequency medicine, our solution-centred program allows you to deeply examine your experiences, habits and root cause that have shaped your skin story. through the implementation of our method new rituals ignite lasting and joyful transformations while simultaneously ensuring embodiment of your ideal skin radiance.

the method

we utilize the diagnostic intuitive frequency aesthetics process to determine the contribution of mental, emotional, soulful and physical factors.


we next  provide targeted solutions to harmonize and rebalance your beauty.


this process intuitively accesses your own wisdom; allowing you to reclaim the authority of your beauty.

whole skin method skin transformation
whole skin method skin transformation
whole skin method skin transformation
whole skin method skin transformation

jillian's skin story

here’s gillian’s transformation. 8 months of tuning into the root causes and taking aligned action.

she suffered from painful, cyclical breakouts, that left a lot of life to be desired.

we started with a consult call to determine what gillian’s skin story was.  we moved forward with identifying the key areas of her personalized whole skin method.

despite DOING all the “right” things; yoga, diet, topicals, prescriptions, gillian couldn’t get ahead of the constant breakouts and PMDD.

we worked together one-on-one for 4 months, uncovering the path to integrating her skin story and aligning her with wholeness.  the journey wasn’t linear and we didn’t have all the answers but each coaching call we directed more energy towards the solutions that were offered through the skin.   

we addressed whole body wellness, released stored traumas, harmonized and alchemized emotions, improved detox pathways, increased mindfulness towards specific things and activated new energies potentials.  we also started her on our jade by jem collection and empowered her through facials and skin therapy at jem.

the answer isn’t in a bottle. the answer is inside you. that’s why the whole skin method works, because it’s about you and your activations to embody your whole self.

whole skin method skin transformation
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